Rodney Stoke and St Leonard's Church

A Brief Tour and Short History

St Leonard's Church - Inside & Out

From here, we take you on a tour of the church and churchyard. Let's start outside, then move around inside. Choose where you want to go to from the menu, or just click on the pictures below to go to a page dedicated to each subject.

Churchyard Monuments  The church itself is of significant architectural and historical interest, and is a Grade I listed building. The churchyard cannot compete on the same level, but even there you will find a Grade II* tomb chest and an extremely rare Grade II grave slab. This slab has recently been moved inside the church to provide better protection from the weather.

The Rodney Chapel contains monuments and effigies to                    several members of the Rodney family, covering the period 1480 to 1659. They are remarkable for their quality and historic importance. They have recently been subjected to a major conservation project.

Church Interior - Inside the church there are some outstanding examples of Jaobean woodwork, including the altar, rood screen, pulpit and font cover. Of more recent origin, a mere hundred years old or so, are the bench ends of the pews, carved by villagers. In addition, there is the font itself, the oldest piece of carved stonework in the church.

The church clock dates back to 1896, and was purchased and installed thanks to legacy from one of the parishioners at that time.

The church tower contains Bells dating back to pre-Reformation times.